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If your answer is yes, but don't know where to start, Mexican Genealogy Academy is your answer.

We are the only website that teaches you techniques on how to search and locate your Mexican ancestors.

Not new to Mexican Genealogy? No problem. When you join you will gain access to eBooks, videos, and list of Resources to enhance and grow your knowledge about Mexican Genealogy.


Lauro Garza and San Juana Tanguma 1972

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8 Module Course

With our 8 module course we start you off with the basics and move on to the more advanced techniques. You can read the lessons, and do assignments at your own pace.

Access to eBooks

Access to our growing free eBook directory about Family Histories, Genealogy, History, and How To  Guides. New Material added on a weekly basis.

Access our Video Library

Our Video directory Library has how to videos, and tutorials on how to find your ancestors. It includes historical and informative videos that we have collected from all over the web. All in one convenient place.

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Moises Garza

Mexican Genealogy Academy

"We don't do your research, we teach and help you learn techniques that will help you make those family discoveries that will provide you with countless stories to share with your family."

"If you do ever get stuck or need to be pointed in the right direction we are always just an email away."

"Thank you in advance for the opportunity to let us teach you!"


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Who is this Web Site For?

Any one with Mexican roots that has the desire to learn more about their families history and Genealogy.

The Family Historian - Learn about Mexican Genealogy to enhance the knowledge about your family. Learn how to locate documents and photos about your family.

The Genealogy Hobbyist - Bring your knowledge and skills to another level. Access to our resource page that contains over one hundred resources.

Professional Genealogists - We provide you with a wealth of information about Mexican Genealogy and provide you with everything in one location. We will be your primary reference for resources to conduct your Mexican Genealogy Research.

What We Have to Offer

Mexican Genealogy Course - Learn basic to advanced techniques to find your ancestors.

eBooks - Read about history, genealogy, and how to's. Sometimes even find your ancestors in them.

Videos - Don't just read how to do something see it in action.

Resources - List to over one hundred free resources to help you to find your ancestors.

One on One Help - Need help with anything we provide one on one help or advise. We are with you in this journey.


Membership includes 3 of my eBooks

Mexican Genealogy Academy Bundled Books


  1. Mexican Genealogy Research Online: A Guide To Help You Discover Your Ancestry
  2. 100 Resources and Tools To Help You Find Your Mexican Roots
  3. 30 Websites FOr Your South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy